About Us

The events that transformed the company into the world’s largest privately-owned battery watering manufacturer are too numerous to write.

Battery Watering Technologies is a global leader in battery watering solutions for industrial and commercial applications. We manufacture and distribute products that are used on electric forklift batteries and commercial electric powered vehicles as well as solar, RV and marine applications. We also sell related products including electrolyte sensors and a variety of battery accessories.

We take design and innovation to the next level. We're dedicated to offering exceptional customer experiences and in doing so, we create loyalty throughout the world. We strive to empower people, preserve the environment and donate to numerous causes.

The company mission statement and philosophy is still true today. "To achieve profitability by being a company of excellence which delivers products and services that exceed our customer’s expectations." That hasn’t changed over the years.


1999 – With $300,000 in battery watering product sales, Battery Filling Systems of the Americas (BFSA) was formed as a Distributor in North America.


2006 – Distribution center building and property purchased in Clemmons, NC


2011 – Name of the company changed to Battery Watering Technologies and BFSA dissolved. Product now manufactured in the USA and distributed from Clemmons, NC.


2012 – Complementary product, i-Lite™ electrolyte level sensor, introduced to the market.


2015 – Introduced the ATP1000 and ATP2000 (Available-to-Pick)


2017 - Purchased new facility in Clemmons, North Carolina to expand manufacturing 


2018 - Development of the Visual Monitoring System and Electrolyte Monitoring System were finalized and introduced to the market. Rob Soares was promoted to President of Battery Watering Technologies.


It's been a blast serving our customers and we thank you for all the great feedback praising our company. We look forward to our continued partnership for many years to come.